Ths Setup… Sunday 09-01-2013


Closing out a series is always a challenging proposition.  Not only do you have to effectively cap off the multi-week theme, you also need to set up whats coming up next. I think we were fairly effective with both, without any big headaches. Read on for the set…

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Remember When The VMA’s Mattered?… Off-Topic Friday


Amid all the uproar about Miley at this year’s VMA’s, I began wondering… why on earth do the VMA’s still exist?  It seems like now its just a place for people to wear really shocking outfits and Kanye West to have a forum to say really dumb things…

But I remember a day when the VMA’s meant something… a day when the name Hype Williams meant something… a day when you never knew where Beavis and Butthead would pop up… and a day when people thought music videos were just as important as TV shows and movies.  Let’s harken back to the days of yore and reminisce about the glory days of the VMA’s.

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The Magic Sauce… What Makes A Good Pre-Service Mix Great

For a typical Sunday morning, we meticulously pour over our plans for our worship experience.  We spend hours practicing, talking over transitions, and walking through cues in order to make that hour as effective as possible.  With all that effort we can easily overlook a huge chunk of time that is actually tremendously important.  That time we forget about is the period before and after our weekly experience.  What we place there can set the emotional tone for the entire day.  I have learned some things that have totally transformed my planning and execution of pre/post-service mix.  Follow along and let me pass on some tricks and tips…

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