Shaping Your Vision: How Do You View Worship?

What does it mean to have a successful worship time?  That is a BIG question.  You could ask 10 different Worship Pastors and get several totally different answers!  In fact, I would venture to say that the biggest difference between churches around the world is how they view their Sunday worship experience.  Read on as we examine…I want to ask YOU a few questions now.  Before you can truly gauge and evaluate your weekly worship time, you first need to figure out what your definition of ideal success is in terms of worship.  Let these questions start a conversation in your mind about where your vision of worship lies.

  • How many people have a hand in planning your worship experience?
  • How often does your formula change? Can a church member tell you what’s coming next without looking at an order of worship?
  • How do you select special content?  Are special music/video elements themed with your sermon series or topic for the day?
  • What do you expect a member of your audience to take away from your weekly worship experience?
  • Do you have a creative process?
  • Does your tech/production team have any creative input on a regular/systematic basis?  I am talking lighting, audio, video editing, set design.  And by team, I mean volunteers, not staff.

Now, have you answered all of these questions?  If so, you can get an idea where your current process stands?  Do the answers you came up with really represent where you want to take your team and ministry?  Did any of your answers surprise you?  It is important that you really take a true, hard look in the mirror.  Unless you get real about where you are, you can’t accurately chart a course to where you want to go.

Conclusion: Some people are perfectly happy with predictability, routine, and comfort for members.  Some worship leaders and pastors strive to push the envelope and try something new every week.  Some leaders like to delve into a topic of scripture, have a full-fledged altar call, and also possibly have 2 or three other elements that focus on different things, all in a single service.  On the other hand, some work hard to make every element work together to support one thought or felt need for the day.  After reading this and really looking in the mirror, what do you really see as the win for your worship experience?


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