This Week’s Set: Sunday 11.04.12… and 11.11.12… and 11.18.12

I have been intending on starting a regular segment where I lay out our weekly worship set and thoughts on how it came together and how it went after the fact.  Little did I know that I would get around to starting it up at the top of a very unusual series.  Read on and let me explain…

I serve at a multisite church with three campuses.  We have decided to do a series for the month of November where we travel, pastors and worship leaders/teams, to each campus in a type of mix-up/tour sorta thing.  SO….. we are each picking out a band and a worship set and traveling for these three weeks jamming on the same 5 songs.  In other words, the following set will also happen on November 11th and 18th.

Here is this week’s worship set:

My pastor, Greg, spoke on the concepts in the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son.  His primary point, which delivered expertly, was that when a child returns to the Father, the correct reaction is to celebrate!  He used the imagery of the father running to his son with open arms, which is perfect for Forever Reign.  He spoke of the perfect love of the Father, hence the choice to play How He Loves.

The last song, The Church, is one that all of our campuses have used over the past year, and we decided would be a perfect cornerstone song for the series.  Therefore, all of our bands will be playing it as we travel.

Overall, this week was a huge success.  The set did its job very well.  I look forward to posting more of what we are up to in the weeks to come.


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