The Setup… Sunday 08-11-2013

We Kicked off a new four-part series called “Because of You” which centers around serving.  Read on for the full set…

Here is this week’s experience:

The service kicked off really well with a solid, upbeat Like a Lion.  We are featuring a new Faith Story each week which shows ways our church has blessed people through acts of kindness or service.  Jesus, Only Jesus is a new song for us, featured on the Passion: Let The Future Begin album.  We also honored one of our all-star band members who is leaving this week to go to college out of state.  He led Mystery and did a great job.

After the message, we followed up with The Church from Elevation Worship, which is a great lyrical embodiment of serving and carry the gospel to the lost.  Great I Am is always a killer capstone to the service, so we finished with it.

Overall, it was a very solid Sunday.   Check back each week to see what we have going.


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