Spotify… A Tool Every Worship Leader Needs In Their Toolbox


Anyone who has the privilege to plan and carry out a weekly worship experience has a constant, never-ending need… new songs.  We need new songs for corporate worship, special moments, and pre/post service.  If you fill this role, you hopefully have a process of finding and implementing new music on a regular basis.  I plan on sharing my process here in the next few weeks, but today I wanna talk about a really useful tool that helps me out in this process.  Read on to see what the heck I am talking about…

That tool is a service called Spotify.

If you are familiar with Spotify, this won’t be new info, but you may get some new ideas how to use it.  Either way, lets dive into what exactly Spotify is…

Spotify is a streaming music service where artists/labels agree to allow their songs to be streamed for free, on demand.  I am not talking about a few artists/labels, I am talking a HUGE amount of the music out there.  Very rarely do I try to look up a song that Spotify doesn’t stream.  Another distinction is that Spotify is not an internet radio service, like Pandora.  It lets you look up a song/album/artist and listen to it right then.  It’s as simple as downloading an app to your Mac or PC, like iTunes or VLC, and you’re off to the races.

There are a few catches… unless you pay, you do get the occasional ad, which plays between every few tracks you stream.  If you pay, you also get access to mobile streaming and other similar perks.  The free service just applies to PC or Mac use only.

I want to talk about the basic (free) service.  Spotify is the perfect way to organize and preview new music without having to make the commitment of purchasing it.  It allows me to screen through tunes, separating the wheat from the chaff.  It’s an easy way to sift though what I will or won’t end up buying on iTunes or Amazon.

There are some really awesome ways you can put this into your planning/exploring workflow.  For instance, you can create a Spotify playlist and share it via facebook or email as a link.  This is an easy and cheap way to send out the week’s set to your band for home prep and practice.  I am going to start using Spotify playlists to share my worship sets here on my blog each week.

There is also the aspect, like twitter, of seeing what others are listening to.  I have discovered lots of great tracks by watching what friends are listening to.  You simply look them up and click the “follow” button, just like twitter.

At the end of the day, it’s all about freedom and efficiency.  Spotify is another helpful tool you can utilize to improve your process.  So, give it a shot.  What do you have to lose?

Check out Spotify here.  Follow me on Spotify here.


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