Affleck?… Is Batman Doomed?!… Off-Topic Fridays


my interpretation of what Ben will look like as Batman

Does the casting of Ben Affleck as the next big screen Dark Knight mean the end of the world?   Probably not.  Is it a good choice… who knows? Let’s consider this, shall we?

I have noticed a lot of negativity, even outrage, with the recent announcement that the Gigli star would be donning the cowl in the next big Superman vs Batman flick.  I seem to remember another piece of casting announced a few years back that drew big fan uproar.  That was, of course, Heath Ledger who was picked to star as the Joker in The Dark Knight.  I think we know where the vast majority of fans landed on that decision once all was said and done.  He redefined the role!

So, folks, lets not declare the end of humanity just yet… Ben has proven himself as a great actor and a great filmmaker.  Yes, he has some blemishes on his record… nearly unforgivable Gigli, a very rough take on Daredevil (but, to Ben’s defense, comic book movies were far more risky and rough back then), and several lame romantic comedy roles.  But he is forging a new way for himself.

I am withholding judgment until I see where they take it and how they use Ben.  The rumor I am praying is false is regarding Justin Bieber as Luke Skywalker’s son.  Now THAT would be an atrocity…  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

Now, I know some folks are saying… Matt, this is a WORSHIP blog!  What in the world is a worship pastor doing watching and writing about movies?!

Well, I hope we all take enjoyment and inspiration from the culture around us.  I love movies, books, music, and good TV.  It inspires a lot of what I do as a worship pastor because it represents the culture we are trying to reach!  Also, its fun and often shows me some things about myself if I really pay attention.

So, today is the first of many Off-Topic Fridays here on Worship From The Ground Up.  Who knows what I will wanna discuss next week.  If you have any requests, feel free to comment below!


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