The Setup… Sunday 08-25-2013


We had another great Sunday this week.  We are in part three of our four-part series on the importance of serving. We got to introduce a great new song and capped things off with a powerful time of worship. Read on for the set…

Here is this week’s experience: (Spotify playlist link below)

I have been itching to try out Burning In My Soul by Brett Younker for a while now.  I first heard it when I got a chance to stream the newest Passion album, Let The Future Begin, a few weeks before its release last March.  I think it was a hit, we had tons of crowd participation, which is rare on a first week of a tune.  Since we are talking about passion for sharing Christ through serving others, I thought it would be a perfect fit to introduce.  This was our third week introducing Matt Redman’s Jesus, Only Jesus, so the time was perfect for a fun new song.

In corporate worship, keeping brand new songs in the mix is vital (the word encourages us to sing a new song to the Lord), so I like to introduce a new tune once every third week.  A new song typically gets three weeks in a row, two weeks of rest, and then a week or two back in.  At that point, we evaluate how it connected with our folks and decide it we want to keep it in the rotation.

We had introduced Cornerstone five weeks back, so it was ready to be brought back for another couple weeks.  I think it will be a keeper.  I Surrender is also one of those that immediately clicked.  With the topic of serving God, it was a perfect pick to kick off our response time.

Here is the Spotify playlist, if you want to listen to the full songs for free.  Follow me on Spotify here.

Keep checking back for more Experience Setlists.


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