Ths Setup… Sunday 09-01-2013


Closing out a series is always a challenging proposition.  Not only do you have to effectively cap off the multi-week theme, you also need to set up whats coming up next. I think we were fairly effective with both, without any big headaches. Read on for the set…

Here is this week’s experience: (Spotify playlist link below)

Going song-to song, Glory to God Forever and Burning In My Soul proved a great one-two punch right out of the gate.  Something old right into something new.  One of our volunteer leaders handled the welcome and did a great job transitioning into our Faith Story video.  The faith story was about a man who hit a really rough patch in his life and decided to relocate and found safety and security by turning to God.  We felt Forever Reign was a perfect punctuation to that, as well as a perfect setup to a message where our Pastor would be challenging us to step out on faith.

After the sermon and response time, we topped the music off with Arms Open Wide and The Church, both themed around willingness to be used by God for His kingdom.  Afterwards, we transitioned into a Teaser video for our next series based on Lifechurch’s Strapped.

Here is the Spotify playlist, if you want to listen to the full songs for free.  Follow me on Spotify here.

Keep checking back for more Experience Setlists.


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