The Setup… Sunday 09-08-2013


I love changing up the formula. This week we started a new series, with some nice changes to the order and flow that more effectively get the message across.  Also, we got to introduce a cool new tune that is gonna really work well while we discuss the concept of trusting in God in EVERY area of our life.  Read on for the set…

Here is this week’s experience: (Spotify playlist link below)

We started a brand new series called Strapped, themed around seeking God’s guidance toward financial freedom.  For this series, our media director and pastors have made some pretty humorous opening videos, letting us kick things off each week with some light-hearted fun.

We introduced a new tune from Kristian Stanfill, called The Lord Our God.  Also, we incorporated a special song, seeing as the discussion of the day revolved around acknowledging financial bondage and struggle, called Brighter Days.  It was a nice, reflective tune that acknowledges that things are tough and having faith God will bring us brighter, more hopeful days ahead.  I have been a solid Eddie Kirkland fan ever since I got to see him lead worship at a Drive Conference several years back.  His tunes have been great, I always look forward to anything new he releases.

Here is the Spotify playlist, if you want to listen to the full songs for free.  Follow me on Spotify here.

Keep checking back for more Experience Setlists.


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